Friday, November 14, 2008

2007 Threads RC Collection Jersey

This is Peterson's base RC from Threads, and to tell you the truth, Im not sure why this deserves anyone's attention. Its an event used card with no auto, the pinnacle of everything I am against, but yet, I still have it.

I received it as a freebie in a larger trade I made last year, and the card has just stuck around. I am posting this because I want people to see that these cards are crap. Complete crap, because the jersey in this card is just there for the sake of having more jerseys. It was player touched for less than 10 seconds, and really, there is nothing else of value here other than it is limited to a SCARCE!!!! 599 copies. Either way, they still go on eBay for around 20 bucks - insane.

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