Friday, January 9, 2009

2007 Topps Chrome RC Auto

Man, this card is awesome. I have wanted it since release, but it has rarely come up for purchase at a reasonable price. For some reason, the base autos for AD were either REALLY underproduced, or are not in the hobby boxes, because I never saw any pulled on the boards, and only a few from blasters.

Most of the AD autos from 2007 chrome were the refractors /25 or the superfractors /10, and this card is neither. It is perfectly centered, and has a great auto, so I am really pleased that I was able to get it. The price was 275, but most of that was from my Rookie premiere auto sale, a card I really didnt like.

Friday, November 14, 2008

2007 Threads RC Collection Jersey

This is Peterson's base RC from Threads, and to tell you the truth, Im not sure why this deserves anyone's attention. Its an event used card with no auto, the pinnacle of everything I am against, but yet, I still have it.

I received it as a freebie in a larger trade I made last year, and the card has just stuck around. I am posting this because I want people to see that these cards are crap. Complete crap, because the jersey in this card is just there for the sake of having more jerseys. It was player touched for less than 10 seconds, and really, there is nothing else of value here other than it is limited to a SCARCE!!!! 599 copies. Either way, they still go on eBay for around 20 bucks - insane.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Addition: 2008 Gridiron Gear Jersey

To tell you the truth, I didnt even mean to get this card. I bid 2 bucks on a local bid board and ended up with this, and I am quite happy with that price. The pic is awesome, the card's jersey window is not square, and the design is pretty cool. For 2 bucks, you cant beat that.

Ive got more stuff on the way, so Ill keep you posted. There is still a lot of my collection left, so this has actually turned into quite a journey.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2008 Donruss Elite Throwback Threads Jersey

I bought this card when Elite was first released because it was $5, and because it was the first GUed jersey card of him that I could find. The pic on the card is freaking great (check out the eyes), and the design of the card aint bad either. I wanted the dual with Barry Sanders, but that was $20 and I didnt want to pay that for a jersey card from a set that everyone forgets about.

Friday, November 7, 2008

2008 Premier Rare Materials 3 /50

I told you before on this site that I love 2008 premier football for its design, and that is mainly why this card is so cool to me. Peterson is in a pretty cool action shot, and the color coordinated background helps a lot.

I didnt buy any jersey cards last year without an auto, because there was no reason to buy any thing with event used crap in it. This year is different with the first Game Used stuff, and this three color patch is worth the 10 bucks I paid for this.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

2007 Topps Chrome White Refractor /869

I love this card, its one that I had wanted for a long time, but wasnt able to pick up before the 2007 boom after the Chargers game. I love white boardered cards, and I think the Chrome white refractors were cool. I still think Topps Chrome is one of the better no auto rookies to have of any player, and 2007 was a great design year. Its too bad I cant scrap together $100 to pick up a red, but she will be mine eventually.

Sadly this card is graded, not by me, and I think for the time being. Ill keep it that way. I dont display it, so its fine, but I really hate graded cards for obvious reasons.

Either way, I traded a Jonathan Stewart Auto Letter, a Stewart Jersey, and a few other tiny things for it, so overall it was nothing to acquire, something I am proud of. I put the value of BGS 9 at 80 bucks.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NEWEST ADDITION: 2008 Leaf Limited Material Monikers Auto /15

When I saw this card on the bizzle, I put in an offer that I didnt expect to go through. Normally I dont buy 2008 DLP autos of AD because the stickers he signed looked awful. I miss the old auto with the "28," and every so often we get one of those stickers. Most of the time we get scribbled crap - only another reason why companies are staying away from the stickers more and more.

This card was an exception. It must have been one of the first he signed, because it is even and clear with no weird lines or loops. These happen pretty often with UD because I believe they require more quality in their stuff, but with DLP they are pretty rare. Also, this set was my favorite from last year's Limited and I like this year's design too. You know when people say the card looks better in person? Well its true, this one almost made me break out my future wife's inhaler. Its just effing pretty as hell.

I paid $140 for this card, but none of it was money out of my account, so I was more likely to offer more for this card than it is worth. Its also the first week of release, so I will put the value at $130.

Monday, November 3, 2008

AD28Authentic Autographed Mini Helmet

I bought this when the Vikings first drafted AD in 2007, right after DA started their exclusive contract. I believe I paid 75 bucks for it, and I still think that was a pretty good price for an authentic mini helmet auto. Again, I am not too paranoid because I got it straight from the source, but nothing it 100% these days.

This piece is still one of the cornerstones of my collection, and I wish I could get more mini helmets of other players in the future. My Mauer one is still great, and I display it proudly.

AD28Authentic Autographed Picture

I bought this picture with the money generated from the visitors on the site. Thanks to YardBarker for that. I love the shot, and the auto is really nice, so this has got a prominent place on my wall. I know more or less that the auto is real because of the exclusive deal AD had with DACardworld, so that makes me a little less paranoid.

I put the value of this at 80-90 dollars because of the authentic sticker, but again, thats only what I paid for it. For 6 months of work on SCU, I think this is a nice reward.

2007 Donruss Classics Base RC /599

The reason I liked this cards so much is because the pic went so well with the colors of the card. I am a big fan of well put together cards, and I think this one is one of those. The action pic is even nice, which is a rarity with RC premiere pics.

Because the Classics 07 RCs were a little more rare, I put the value of this at 15-20 bucks. I paid 15 before the 296yd record game, so I would say it has gone up a little.

2008 Leaf Certified Fabric Of The Game /5

The reason I like this card is because of the diecut. I never knew how freaking awesome the Vikings logo was until I saw the other parallels of this card for other players. Fabric of the game has always been a favorite set of mine, and its too bad the autos are so few and far between. Despite this only being a jersey card, I like it because its at least GAME USED.

2008 Topps Rookie Premiere Autograph

Although this card came into my hands under really awful circumstances, I still like it a lot. The Rookie premiere autos out of 07 Topps not only had a great design, but they were really tough to find. I hate the photos on these cards because the players arent in their gear, but the on card sig and the white border design make up for it.

(A note, this card is ridiculously off centered, so the value isnt at the $300 I would expect it to be at.)

I traded a Peterson threads letter and a few other nice cards for this, and I do regret losing those, but this card just rocks either way.

2008 Premier Remnants 3 Auto Parallel /15

God, I love 2008 Premier Football, and I jumped all over this card as soon as it was posted on eBay. The fact that its GAME USED jersey instead of event used, AND the auto is really nice for a Peterson sticker makes this card pretty cool for me. The fact that picture is really bad ass, and the colors just work, makes it one of my favorites.

I bought this for $130, so its still about half the cost of a box. You cant beat that. Ill put the value a little lower at $125, as most of his jersey autos run that much.

2007 Exquisite Jersey Numbers Auto /28

The first card ill start with is my favorite Peterson that I own. Its from the best set out there, and to tell you the truth it looks the best too. I love the team color background and the place to sign the card is a really cool white. Signing this on card makes all the difference here, and it makes up for the goofy pose.

I bought this card for $400 after selling my Limited and Absolute RC autos, so that is the value I am putting on this.

Lastly, this card has ZERO parallels, so that makes it that much cooler. When it says the card is out of 28, it means that there are only 28 of these, not 100 like Triple Threads. I love that.


Thanks for checking this out, I have been wanting to do this for a while, mainly because there is no point in having cards unless you can show them off, right? Ill start this off soon with pics of the cards that make up my player collection, and also post a want list on the side. If you have Peterson cards to trade, send an email to More to come soon.